Frequently Asked Questions about Worden Farm Membership

Why does the membership fee have to be paid in advance?

Payment by the start of the growing season is typical in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm membership programs. This prepayment is required because the farmers plan for how much to plant and grow many months before it is harvested, and must pay for the significant expenses of production in the months prior to the first harvests. Deposits and partial payments cannot be accepted, due to administrative costs.

Is all of the produce organic? Is it non-GMO?

Yes, ALL of the produce in every type of farm membership and at our farmers markets is certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture, and as such, it is also required to be entirely non-GMO. Worden Farm has been USDA-certified organic since its founding in 2003. 

Is all of the produce grown at Worden Farm in Punta Gorda?

Most all of the produce is grown at Worden Farm, and occasionally for more variety, we include additional local and USDA certified organic produce from our farmer friends.

What happens if I have to miss a share pick-up?

Market Credit and Market-Style On-Farm members maintain their credit until expended or until the end of the season, and can miss a week or several weeks of pick-up.

There are no make-ups or refunds for missed pick-ups for the Organic Veggie Box. If you need to miss a pick-up, you can have a friend pick up your share on your behalf, or the share will be donated to a good home.

What about getting larger quantities of produce?

Institutional memberships are available for restaurants and other food service businesses. Please email the farm for details: office [at] wordenfarm [dot] com.  

Additional Information about Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Community Supported Agriculture, or "CSA", is a relationship of commitment between farmers and customers who subscribe annually as members of a local farm. Thousands of CSA farms are now operating in the U.S.

CSA farm members receive a weekly “share” of the harvest. Members enjoy each crop in its prime, eating with the seasons. Being a CSA member means preparing and eating plenty of fresh, minimally processed foods.

CSA farm memberships typically are paid at the start of each planting season, providing the farm with operating capital for the year's production, and helping the farmer plan the planting and harvest schedules. Members share both the risks and rewards of the farm. In the event of a complete crop failure, such as from a hurricane or major freeze, the members agree to take the loss with the farmer. However, CSA members at Worden Farm have always eaten well every season, even with challenging weather conditions, because of the farmers' careful planning and high level of skill in crop production.

While getting the freshest, most nutritious produce, CSA farm members also:

  • know where, how, and by whom their food is grown
  • invest their food dollars for a strong local economy
  • reduce environmental impacts of food production, transportation, and packaging
  • promote sustainable agriculture and food security
  • preserve local farmland by keeping agriculture viable 

Click here for more information about Worden Farm's CSA farm membership program.