Additional Credit [for current Worden Farm Members only]

Use this item to add to your current member credit balance in increments of $100.

The minimum additional credit is $100.

Multiple $100 items can be added to the cart to reach a desired total. For example, to increase a credit balance by $300, simply add (3) units of $100.

Please keep in mind that any balance remaining on member accounts at the end of the season will not be carried over to next season, but will be applied to the Worden Farm education and outreach programs.

Note that it may take some time for the credit to be added to our rosters.  If you would like to be sure that you can use your credit right away, then please print the sale confirmation and bring it to show to the farm cashier. Thank you.

This additional credit is for current Worden Farm Members ONLY..
If the name on this purchase does not match the name of a current farm member, then it automatically will be refunded.

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